Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I don't have my camera :(

So, I'm back at Tech after the holidays but I don't have my camera. Sad, I know. We even got the largest snowfall Atlanta has gotten in,  I think, recorded history. That's not that much snow for you folks up north but for down here it meant that school was cancelled for three days. Georgia Tech hadn't cancelled school for a single day since 1994 and we got out for 3. Anyway it was kinda a big deal. But I didn't get to capture any of it because I didn't have my camera.

The reason I didn't have my camera was because I was moving dorm rooms and I basically had to show up at Tech without a place to stay for a night and so I wanted to be able to move everything quickly and not have too much baggage. I will however, get my camera soon and then the pictures shall return.


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